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Friday, 19 July 2013

Off to a running start...

Well, here is my original post , in my new blog. Thanks to D from , a skype room has been created as a kind of forum for free energy. The original idea was ' I think the only way to get tech like this out, is to say fuck the banks and the patent process. Just build one and use it. Then build one for your neighbor. Then build ten for all of your neighbors.'

After a week of contributions, from some truly AMAZING people, we have created a kind of database, as a side effect of the forum. The database is an ever-growing library of links. Some of the members, most notably fastwalker, have even loosely organized the links into various interests. I am going to have that list of links here, for any, and all to view, even if they are not a member of the skype room.

After only one week, something beautiful is opening for all the world to share. I look forward to what the coming weeks will bring!!! Thanks to all who have helped co-create this!!

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