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Saturday, 10 August 2013



  In the last couple of days, I have been told on a number of occasions ' I wish I had more technical know-how'. Here is the thing.... One of the most important aspects of any tech, is how much it is able to be simplified. In one sense, any device can be broken down into mathematical formula, but why bother. I know that I feel a bit inadequate when I start looking at 'the math'. Take it out of the equation, so to speak.

 There are over 40 000 different patents for motors/ energy devices registered with the U.S. patent office. A good portion of them can now be found on our friend, the internet. There are literally dozens of simple designs, that could be assembled by any level of technical experience.

  Here is a little secret. Even if you are an accountant, that has never even held a screwdriver, you are at least as able to create your own device, as an engineer. Maybe even more so, due to the fact that the accountant has no training in ' what you can't do.'  The willingness to jump right in, roll up your sleeves and figure it out is more valuable than all of the knowledge you can get from a bachelor degree in engineering.

 There it is in a nut-shell just DO. In my professional career, I have come across a very distinct group. I am sure they exist in every profession. The ones that spend more energy in finding reasons to NOT do things. I have witnessed some that will spend more energy and effort to avoid a task, than the task requires to accomplish!! I have learned to recognize this, when it is happening. I am even guilty of it myself, on occasion.

 So to recap, don't over-complicate the task. If you need to, break it down into a bunch of simple steps. After all, that is all engineers do, that is all mechanics do, and that is all an accountant does. Over-complication= intimidation.

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